A Silent Trust

Started 3 years ago [2016], these paintings have had a more than a few lives. I’ve put on paint, scrapped and sanded off paint, added more paint, added thinner layers of paint, all the while trying to find the why that these works needed to be paint and not some other material. I had a sense of why but I kept loosing it, but as they say “she persisted” and here I am.


Dark Drawings

These drawings are from the fall of 2016 to spring 2018. Overwhelmed by the darkness and rage in the world, and the silencing of women’s voices, I took up my charcoal and let my hands work these feelings into the paper.


Stories I Tell Myself

We all tell ourselves stories; it’s like background noise in our heads. Sometime we’re mad, or trying to figure something out, or my particular favourite trying to win an argument. While I may not be a story teller in the traditional sense this was another way to make stories visible using a collection of shapes and lines, a sort of calligraphy, a repetition of words and phrases and the lovely knowing that they can’t be read out loud, only with your eyes and heart. It’s a dyslectics’ dream moment, no spelling mistakes.


Books / Cut Paper

I had been working on a series of drawings using light, shadow and shapes when I realized I needed to free the shapes from the paper so I started to cut parts of them free which led to the pop-up / out books.


Books / Pop-up / out

No words, just forms, folded and bent, becoming a city of shapes; and another way to work with shadow and light.


Books / Wavy

My favourite big brushes [6 – 8 inches wide] love to dance.



These maquettes are paper but I envision them in thin steel. Again I’m using simple shapes, bent, folded and cut. I see then about 2 feet high but things can change.


The Game / 2019

These drawings explore the idea of a game of chance and randomness, using basic elements of a square, a rectangle, a right angle, a straight line and a surface that has been left blank or painted.

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